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Every Sunday from 10:30am - 2:00pm

Shrimp creole omelette

Omelette with mushrooms & jalapenos. Topped with our house made shrimp creole sauce, cheese & green onions. Served with country hash browns, bacon & toasted French bread. 13

Creole breakfast stack

Shrimp creole sauce spooned over country hash browns, Louisiana hot sauce, and topped with a sunny side fried egg. Served with bacon & toasted French bread 11

Cajun eggs benedict

Fresh French baguette on a bed of crawfish etouffe topped with sliced andouille sausage, collard greens, fried egg & spicy bayou cream sauce 12

Two egg breakfast

Two eggs any way you like them, bacon, country hash browns & toasted french bread 10

Cajun breakfast skillet

Two eggs, andouille sausage, bacon, green bell peppers & country hash browns. All topped with shredded cheese & tobasco 11

Natchitoches breakfast empanada

Two lightly fried pastries filled with egg, chorizo & jalapeno. Served with a cup of red beans & rice  9


Crack coffee

Fresh Irish coffee blend with liquor & cream 5.50

Double mimosa


Shrimp bloody mary


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