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*Gluten Free Menu available by request


Natchitoches meat pie

Straight from Natchitoches LA. Mini fried pastries stuffed with ground beef, pork, onions, peppers & garlic  8.75

Fresh fried calamari

Lightly breaded & flash fried, served with sweet house marinara  9.50

Olivias fried pickle spears

Served with jalapeno ranch  7.50

Cajun shrimp & crawfish ceviche

Loaded with shrimp & crawfish, avocado, pico de gallo & cajun chef salsa. Served with tortilla chips  8.99

Fried asparagus

Lightly breaded flash fried asparagus, topped with our jumpo crab & shrimp lemon butter sauce  8.99

Fried okra

Lightly breaded flash fried okra with jalapeno ranch  6.99

Grilled oysters

When available. Fresh oysters on the 1/2 shell. Grilled & topped with garlic, lemon butter & pecorino cheese | Market price

Fresh gulf oysters on the 1/2 shell

When available. 1/2 or 1 dozen, served on the half shell with cocktail sauce, horseradish & lemon | Market price


Large shrimp with cocktail sauce
Dozen - 12.75
Half dozen - 8.25

Alligator nuggets

Alligator tail pieces blackened or battered & deep fried. Served with honey ancho sauce | Market price

Crawfish or shrimp queso

White queso with sauteed crawfish or shrimp, served with tortilla chips  7.99

Crab cakes

2 fresh jumbo lump crab cakes served over mixed greens. With remoulade, cocktail & tartar sauce  12.50

Stuffed jalapenos

Lightly breaded and fried jalapeno stuffed with shrimp, bacon & cheese.  9.75

Garlic pesto bread

Fresh baguette, sliced & topped with fresh pesto, garlic & parmesan cheese. With marinara sauce.  2.99

Louisiana boudin

Gluten free -rice, pork, onions, peppers & spices  7.99

Crab bombs

Wonton stuffed with crab, jalapenos, bacon & parmesian. Over sweet thai chili sauce & topped with honey ancho  11.99

Dirty balls

A bayou favorite with our dirty rice & Andouille sausage, lightly breaded & fried over creole sauce. Topped with jalapeno cheese sauce  6.99


Alaskan snow crab

Alaskan snow crab served with Andouille sausage, new potato & corn on the cobb with garlic butter | Market Price

Snow crab & shrimp

Served with Andouille sausage, new potato & corn on the cobb | Market Price

Cajun steamed u peel 'em shrimp

1 pound order, steamed & tossed in cajun seasonings. Served with garlic butter & cocktail sauce  24.99

Boiled crawfish

Market price when available. Served by the pound with Andouille sausage, new potato & corn on the cobb. With voodoo or regular cajun spice | Market price

Shareable Cajun Platter

2 lb large mussels, 1 lb large clams, 1 lb snow crab, 1 lb large shrimp, with corn, potato & sausage  80

Soup & salads


Choose your favorite cup of soup with our house salad  7.99

Roasted red pepper crawfish bisque

Spicy, rich cream soup with crawfish & seasonings.
Cup - 3.99
Bowl - 5.99

Crispy shrimp salad

Crispy shrimp tossed in our spicy chili garlic sauce. Over fresh greens, with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers & croutons  10.99

Blackened salmon cobb salad

Fresh atlantic salmon, bleu cheese crumbles, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, croutons & bacon  15.99

House salad

Fresh greens, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, croutons & your choice of dressing  4.50


Shrimp, chicken & Andouille sausage with white rice.
Cup - 4.75
Bowl - 6.75

Red beans & rice

Red beans Andouille sausage & bacon served over white rice
Cup - 4.50
Bowl - 6.50

Grilled romaine wedge

Lightly grilled & topped with bleu cheese dressing, bacon, tomatoes & croutons
Add shrimp - 10.50  6.25

Blackened shrimp or chicken caesar salad

Crisp romaine, garlic cheese croutons & grated parmesian cheese  10.99


Balsamic vinaigrette | Jalapeno ranch | Bleu cheese | Creole honey mustard | Ranch | Remoulade

Po' boys

Served with bayou fries

Your choice of catfish * oyster * shrimp * crawfish * alligator * chicken

Your choice

Grilled, blackened, buffalo, dynamite, or fried. Served with mayo, tomatoes, pickles & shredded lettuce on a fresh baguette from Leidenheimer baking co.  12.50

Slow roasted pot roast po' boy

With sauteed onions on our fresh liedenheimer baguette with cheddar jack, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & mayo  12.50


Served with bayou fries

Plain ole cheeseburger

Ground beef with cheddar jack cheese. Topped with lettuce, onion, tomato & pickle  8.75

Blackened fish sandwich

Blackened fish filet, mayo, lettuce, pickle, onion, tomato   10.99

Debris burger

Ground beef smothered with roast beef, cheddar jack cheese, fried onions & mushrooms  11.99

Crabby patty

Blackened burger patty topped with sauteed crab cake, fried onions & spicy slaw  13.99

Classic chicken sandwich

Grilled, blackened, buffalo, or fried chicken. With mayo, cheddar jack, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle  9.50


1/2 po boy/gumbo

Your choice of shrimp, catfish, chicken, or sausage po' boy. Served with bayou fries  8.99

Fish or shrimp tacos

Fried with pico de gallo, cabbage & cheese, with your choice of honey ancho or spicy chili garlic sauce
Full order - 13.99
Half order - 7.99

Catfish w/red beans & rice


Fried bayou baskets

Choice of shrimp, crawfish, or chicken. Served with bayou fries  9.99

Crawfish etouffee' - spicy

Sauteed crawfish tails, onion & celery in a spicy dark roux with bayou spices & white rice
Sub shrimp - 13.99 | 12.99

Menage a 3 - spicy

Cup of crawfish etouffe, gumbo & red beans & rice  13.50


Shrimp Andouille sausage, tomatoes, onions, celery, garlic, green bell peppers & white rice.  11.99

Louisiana street pasta

Rotini pasta topped with sauteed crawfish, sausage, zucchini, squash, red bell peppers, onions & garlic tomato cream sauce. Topped with 4 large blackened shrimp & parmesan cheese.  15.99

Crab stuffed trout

Skin on blackened trout topped with sauteed crab cake & lemon butter sauce. Served with mashed potatoes & collard greens  19.99

Cajun pot roast

Slow roasted pot roast with gravy, topped with fried onions. Served with mashed potatoes & vegetables  10.50

Crawfish monica - spicy

Rotini pasta with sauteed crawfish, onion & jalapeno. Tossed in a spicy garlic cream sauce  12.99

Bayou catfish

Blackened & lightly breaded with jalapeno gravy. Served with bayou fries & vegetables  10.99

Seafood enchilidas

Corn tortillas stuffed with seasoned shrimp & scallops, mixed with peppers, onions & cheese. Topped with a rich crawfish cream sauce & served on a bed of white rice & salad  13.25

Shrimp grits - spicy

Baby shrimp Andouille sausage, jalapeno, tomatoes, green onions & spicy bayou cream sauce over corn bread grits  14.99

"big easy" shrimp pasta

Shrimp Andouille sausage, onions, red bell peppers & bayou cream sauce over penne pasta  12.99

Zydeco catfish - spicy

Blackened catfish filet over a bed of white rice & layered with crawfish etouffe  14.99

Coconut crusted mahi mahi

Pan seared coconut crusted mahi mahi with mango jalapeno relish. Served with dirty rice & vegetables  15.99

Mississippi catfish

Blackened catfish smothered with lump crab & shrimp butter sauce. Served with dirty rice & collard greens  16.99

Shrimp dinner

8 large shrimp grilled, blackened, or fried with bayou fries & spicy slaw  13.99

Almond crusted rainbow trout

Skin on almond crusted trout, with honey butter sauce, dirty rice & vegetables  14.50

Catfish dinner

Grilled, blackened, or fried with bayou fries & spicy slaw  12.99

Fish - n- chips

Beer battered cod with bayou fries & spicy slaw  10.99

Flat iron steak

8oz flat iron steak seasoned & grilled to perfection with mashed potatoes & collard greens  16.99

Crazy cajun platter

Fried catfish, shrimp, oysters, hush puppies, bayou fries & spicy slaw  17.99

Catfish & shrimp combo

Grilled, blackened, or fried with bayou fries & spicy slaw  13.99

Bacon Wrapped Scallops & Shrimp

4 bacon wrapped scallops topped with 4 grilled shrimp coated in a bourbon brown sugar glaze. Served with rice & grilled asparagus  21.99


Spicy slaw


Collard greens


Bayou fries


Mixed vegetables


Sauteed asparagus


Mashed potatoes


Dirty rice


White rice


Hush puppies - 8 pieces


Onion strings


Sauteed mushrooms


Fried okra



Pecan pie

With bourbon sauce  4.99

Abita root beer float


Mud slide

Warm, moist brownie topped with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce  5.49

Key lime pie

With raspberry sauce  4.99

Bread pudding

With bourbon sauce, bread pudding fried upon request  4.99

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